You enjoy the pain of others ...

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According to researchers from the universities of Columbia, in the United Kingdom, and Texas, in the United States, they claim that sadism is more frequent in society, but what are the characteristics of sadistic people? ?

In an interview for EdenFantasys.com, the psychoanalyst Eugenia Vega, specialist of the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM), details that people with sadistic tendencies enjoy causing pain to the patients. others, be it physical or psychological.

The specialist mentions that this type of person learns from infancy that inflicting pain is a way of giving love, that is, the parents told them "I hit you because I love you".

"In this way people are confusing that part of abuse with love. So at that moment they lived it passively, but when they grow up they are active subjects, that is, they love that way ", explains Eugenia Vega.

Identify a sadistic person!

A study by the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of New Mexico suggests that sadistic people have greater activation in some brain parts such as the amygdala (responsible for processing emotional reactions) when they observe some image that reflects suffering.

For the psychoanalyst Eugenia Vega, the main characteristics of a sadistic person are:

Enjoy causing pain to others Do not get scared with things that others do not feel comfortable with Suffering does not generate feelings of humanity, that is, they are not bothered by the pain of others They enjoy the exercise of power over the other

The specialist that the way to prevent this type of behavior is to teach respect to others from childhood, as well as to show that love and violence should not be mixed. And you, do you know some people with characteristics of sadism?


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